Company overview

GS Jacquard is a prime manufacturer and supplier of vast range of high quality Jacquard and Winding Machines all over India. Established in 1992, GS Jacquard is catering the demand of clients with unmatched range of products such as Electronic Jacquard, Manual Jacquard and Winding Machines.

With the help of advanced technology, latest innovation and continuous Research and Development, the latest Electronic Jacquard Machine  has been in trend which offers best in speed, reliability, robustness and efficiency in Jacquard Weaving.

GS Jacquard continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We offer the customers best products and services in terms of both quality and performance..

Customer Focus

GS Jacquard asserts its position as a global innovator by:

  • Offering customers the best products and services in terms of both quality, performance and reliability.
  •  We actively support initiatives aimed at improving product and service standards.
  • To maintain synergy between the needs of customers, suppliers, shareholders, staff and environmental concerns.

Our mission

At GS Jacquard we remain focussed on Customer Values

  • Innovation, Expertise, Experience & Technology in Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing quality and performance oriented products.
  • Providing complete Support to Customer
  • Continuously improving Products and Services.
  • Expanding network of Clients and Services.

How we work


Why choose us

Nation Wide Network

We have clients all over India and we excel in maintaining Client Relationships by providing best service and support

Quality Assurance

We perform strict quality and performance checks checks during manufacturing and before delivery to ensure 100% Quality.

Research Development and Testing

We focus on continuous R&Ds and Testing so as to move towards leading innovations and latest advancements in Technique and Trends.

Business Ethics

We combine core family values and business ethics. We stand for trust and commitment.

Competitive Pricing

We know a lot about market performance and competition and offer realistic rate and best in class delivery of our product.

Packaging and Delivery

We have best in class packaging and distribution department which handles all the orders smoothly and ensure safe product delivery.

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